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Stanvac Chemicals India Ltd
Superon Schweisstechnik India Ltd
Welding Consumables Manufacturer and Exporter in India
Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes

Superon Stainless Steel Welding Electrodes

Complete range of "World Class", superior quality, stainless steel welding electrodes – E308L, E309L, E316L, E347, E385, E310, E312…, in -15, -16, & -17 classes.
 Perfect full length welding. No red-hotness. No waste.
 Self releasing slag & ultra smooth AC-DC welding.
 Perfect color matching, re-striking…., smooth, finely rippled weld beads with excellent mechanical properties.
 Low moisture absorbtion flux coating. No porosities /Blow – holes /Re-work.
 Best in class, 7 Layered vacuum packaging – Long storage. Minimum transit damages. No waste.

Low Heat Input Maintenance Welding Electrodes

Superon Low Heat Input Maintenance Welding Electrodes

Ultra low heat input M&R welding electrodes – Excellent repair & hardfacing performance...
 Superior weld metal chemistry, mechanical properties & wear resistance properties...
 Available full range of unique alloys – Steel joining, Cast iron repairs, Inconels, Non-ferrous, Build-up, Chrome boride hardfacing, tubular hardfacing, Cutting & Gouging….
 High tensile /high elongation dissimilar steel welding.

Flux Cored Wires, Welding Electrodes

Superon Flux Cored Wires & Job Work Repair Services

Full range of hardfacing (chromium carbide, complex chromium carbide....), buffer & build up, self – shielded, OA flux cored wires,
 Job work & repair services : Range of repair services using welding electrodes, flux cored wires & cladded wear plates are available.

Cladded Wear Plates and Fabricated Wear Parts

Superon Cladded Wear Plates & Fabricated Wear Parts

 Cladded wear plates in multiple grades. chromium carbide, complex chromium carbide....straight & chevron patterns... multiple thicknesses, starting from 5+3…
 Fabricated wear parts : Grid cones, louver plates, guide vanes, liner plates, screens, chutes, ducts, bends.

Stainless Steel Welding Wires

Superon Stainless Steel Welding Wires

Available full range of stainless steel filler wires – MIG, TIG, & SAW : ER 307, 307LSi, 308L /308LSi, 316L /316LSi, 309L /309LSi, 310, 312 317L, 409, 410, 420, 430, 2209...
 Warranted chemistry.
 Excellent feedability, cleanliness, packaging.
 Multiple packaging options.